Art and Social Practice Reference Points: When There Are No Borders Between Art and Teaching

by Various

Art and Social Practice Reference Points: A Soft Spot in a Hard Place

by Zachary Gough with Thomas Gokey, Max Haiven, and Cassie Thornton

Talking Walls

by Matt Bua

My Black Death

by Arthur Jafa

No Humans Involved

by Sylvia Winter

Of the Dawn of Freedom

by W. E. B. Du Bois

The Fact of Blackness

by Frantz Fanon

Walter Benjamin's Berlin Childhood circa 1900

by Carl Skoggard

Bibliography 2014

by Daniel Glendening

Prick Queasy

by Ronald Palmer

All Fall

by Travis Jeppesen

Brand New Moon

by Douglas W. Milliken


by Joon Oluchi Lee

Glitter & Grit: Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Femme Galaxy

by Damien Luxe, Heather María Ács and Sabina Ibarrola

Publication Studio Portland Biennale

by Publication Studio Portland

Cinema Vernacular

by Peter Nickowitz

The Double E

by Matt Briggs

Cave Systems or Ear Canal

by Halsey Rodman

To Sleep as Animals

by Douglas W. Milliken

The Wolves

by Jason R Jimenez


by Aeliana Nicole

Lace Sick Bag

by Joon Oluchi Lee

The Omen

by John Galt, edited by David J. Knight

Peculiar Pioneer

by Howard W. Robertson


by Alex Mackin Dolan


by Debra Baxter

High Frontiers

by Claire L. Evans

The Community: Writings About Art In and Around Portland 1997–2016

by Jon Raymond

The New York School

by Joseph Bradshaw


by Peter Lamborn Wilson