How to Rest the Unrestable? Little self-care manual for exhausted bodies
by Danilo Patzdorf

Self-care calls the individuals to a proactive attitude upon themselves, since it’s already evident that if we don’t print some resistance to the capitalist ways of living, our vital energy will be ruthlessly drained by work, by screens and by depts.

Based on this principle, this manual contains some hypotheses about the macropolitical causes that make up the exhausted body, the sedentary body, the distracted body, and the needy body that inhabits us in the globalized-digitized context of big cities.

Following each hypothesis, we list brief self-care practices that can help us disobey the sensory dictates of capitalism to recover, however tiny and temporarily, our own vitality, in order to transmute our anguish into ecstasy, our hatred into insight, our exhaustion into stubbornness, our fear into audacity, our suffering into wisdom, and our hopelessness into insurrection.

6.2″ × 8″ × 0.15″
#fanzine #essay #anticapitalism #body
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