Fieldguided II: Joshua Tree

by Lisa Schonberg


by Aaron Senitt

The Olive Tree and the Old Woman

by Parwana Amiri


by Guelph Jazz Festival

My Boyfriend is a Peacekeeper

by Amanda Nedham

Hole History: Origins of the American-Style Donut

by Alexis Iammarino

Encyclopedia Project Vol. 3

by Tisa Bryant, Miranda Mellis & Katie Aymar

Low Ropes Course

by Jesse Harrod

10 Reasons Books Matter

by Timothy Young

Some Memories About Memory

by Devon Kerslake

Fowre #1: Synth

by Andrew Siskind

Talking Walls

by Matt Bua

High Frontiers

by Claire L. Evans

The Night She Slept with a Bear

by Holly Anderson

Bad Printing Dumb Production

by Antonia Pinter

Placing the Golden Spike: Landscape of the Anthropocene

by Dehlia Hannah and Sara Krajewski

The Hylaeus Project

by Lisa Schonberg with illustrations by Aidan Koch

Pluto Square Pluto

by Tara Jane O'Neil

Coolsurf Vol. 1

by Collasus

Looking Glass Book

by Melody Owen

This Is The Same Hillside

by Shawn W. Creedon

Leaf Litter No. 3

by Signal Fire

Access to Tools

by David Senior

The Template Files: Works By D. E. May

by D. E. May

The Bottomless Shelf

by Alex Felton


by Sarah Gottesdiener

Summer Goals

by Anne Parker and Christie MacLean


by Diana Balmori

Hit the North

by Victoria Haven

Burnside: A Community

by Kathleen Ryan