Anedotário público dos públicos

by Diogo de Moraes Silva

Take 'Em Down: Scattered Monuments and Queer Forgetting

by Simon(e) van Saarloos

Janet McCalman: Oral Informants

by Isabelle Sully

Mohawk Anglican Freemasons

by Peter Lamborn Wilson

Através da história - "Fascismo: definição e história"

by Luce Fabbri

A Fiery Flying Roule

by Eirik Steinhoff

Hole History: Origins of the American-Style Donut

by Alexis Iammarino

Marginal Equity

by Kade L. Twist

Mapping the Ward

by Janet Morton & Annie Dunning

Talking Walls

by Matt Bua

Of the Dawn of Freedom

by W. E. B. Du Bois

The Fact of Blackness

by Frantz Fanon

Walter Benjamin's Berlin Childhood circa 1900

by Carl Skoggard