What Color is Your Salmon?

by Suzanne Anker

America Composes Itself

by Sam Gould

Robert Mallary: Computing Art

by Mason Whitehorn Powell

The Indigenous Artist's Survival Guide to Art School

by Laura Grier

Numbers Station

by Max Goldfarb

who claims abstraction (with a difference)?

by Kristy Trinier, Kimberly Phillips, and Francisco-Fernando Granados

Les attentes ⋅ Table Book

by Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge

Feral Hues: A Guide to Painting with Weeds

by Ellie Irons

Não Parecem Sentir Vergonha

by Agrupamentos

Cloud Bridge

by Seyoung Yoon

Strip Club Book for Leah Jolie (second edition)

by Oliver Coran with Kevin Killian

A muitas mãos: k-pop e o potencial social do fandom / Held by Hands: K-pop and the Social Potencial of Fandom

by Sol Archer

We artists don’t create artworks. We invent practices / Lxs artistas no hacemos obras. Inventamos prácticas

by Silvio Lang


by Kerry Bickford, Pablo Guardiola, Michael Linares, Nicole Pollard, Noah Simblist, Stephanie Smith

What We Are Made Of

by Angelica Falkeling

Artist in Residence / Artista en Residencia

by Commonwealth

Drawing a Mountain

by Laura F. Gibellini

Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt: Introverse Arrangements

by Isabelle Sully

The Circus

by Tara Homasi

Stories of Impact: Douglas R. Ewart's Crepuscule

by Ajay Heble

Co-sensing with Radical Tenderness

by Dani d'Emilia, Vanessa Andreotti & GTDF Collective

The Landscape ft. Jenna Goldsmith

by Danger Punch


by Maximilian Goldfarb

In the Mines

by Douglas W. Milliken and Scott Sell

Fowre 2: Gone Country

by Jesse Montgomery, Peter Nowogrodzki, and Alex Spoto

Hole History: Origins of the American-Style Donut

by Alexis Iammarino

In Ten Minutes

by Carolyn Meili

Flow Country

by Jasper Coppes & Daniel Lee

Dreaming Is Common To All

by Emilio Fantin

Incident Report No. 1–100

by Max Goldfarb and Mike Lee